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SEO Glossary Extension
  • Get the most advanced glossary extension for Joomla. With SEO Glossary it's easy to define one or thousands of terms in your Joomla content. Create one or more categories (ie. Glossaries) and feed them with all the terms that you need to define, then tooltips and links to definition will appear automatically. With SEO glossary you can create multilingual dictionary, glossaries, a glossary of abbreviations, and much more! Give a better content to search engines and readers by adding real content and by generating automatic internal links with the definitions. Learn more
SEO Optimizer Item Rating & Reviews
  • you can allow vote only from backend, from frontend, from both, allow only certain Joomla user group. The ratings HTML output is a standard Rich Snippet displayed in Google search results. Learn more: Item Rating is definitively the most powerful system to display product reviews and ratings in Joomla, K2 and multiple other Joomla extensions. The extension has the voting flexibility you've ever had before. You can create unlimited rating group with criteria inside. Each criteria can be a different voting tool like percent bar, star, icons or thumb up/down. Item rating got also a powerful voting restriction
SEO Management Tool | $89 Monthly
Content Writing (15 Cents Per Word, 250 Word Minimum)

Content Writing (15 Cents Per Word, 250 Word Minimum)

Press Release: Premium $169.99 (5 Edits)
  • Premium $169.99 (5 Edits) Press Release
Press Release: Premium Pro $229.99 (10 Edits)
  • Premium Pro $229.99 (10 Edits) Press Release
Press Release Release Distribution $599

Press Release Release Distribution $599

SEO STANDARD | $1000 Set-up, $299 Monthly
  • SEO STANDARD | $1000 Set-up, $299 Monthly | Learn more
SEO PREMIUM | $1500 Set-up, $599 Monthly
  • SEO PREMIUM | $1500 Set-up, $599 Monthly | Learn more
SEO PLATINUM | $899 Monthly
  • SEO PLATINUM | $2000 Set-up, $899 Monthly | Learn more